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Meet the Cats

Ender, Emma, and Max

Ender and Emma are the iconic San Jose store cats. They both live in the store full-time. They were adopted at the same time and are around 14 years old. Sometimes it takes some searching, but they can always be found in their favorite cozy spots.

Max, our Campbell store cat, is around 10 years old. Following in a long line of Campbell cat favorites, customers often marvel at his custom-built catio at the front of the store. When he's not lounging, Max is dutiful in making sure everyone is following store rules.



Ender is a sweet, good boy. He is larger than life! A bit anxious, he often hides in the back with the staff, but on the rare occasion you can see him crunching numbers on the front calculator, lounging in the corridors, or eating his favorite treats.


Emma is a customer favorite. She can be heard throughout the store meowing for pets and attention. She loves finding chairs to perch on waiting for customers to notice her. She is the absolute sweetest.



Max is a handsome, photogenic fella. He can be seen lounging in the sun in his private catio or watching the front desk. If you hear his collar bell, he's not too far! Make sure to stop by our Campbell location and ask for Max.

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